02 July 2019


The Turnova underground parking garage is equipped with the latest gadgets, has around 380 large parking spaces and also has a bicycle storage facility for a total of 230 bicycles.


06 May 2019

University of Leiden

This year, Leiden University is 444 years old! So it's time for an innovative parking system! IP Parking wins the European tender from Leiden University for a contract duration of up to 20 years!


08 November 2018

Leidsche Rijn Centrum

Technological developments in the field of parking are going fast. By linking systems ( APIs ) you are able to better serve your customers. Leidsche Rijn Center (LRC) has a completely ticketless parking system.


04 October 2018

Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch

For years, the Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch has proved that the size of a location does not have to be at the expense of hospitality and a pleasant atmosphere.


17 September 2018

P+R Transferium Deutersestraat

P + R Transferium Deutersestraat is built on the location of the former city breeder on Deutersestraat in 's-Hertogenbosch and is the greenest transferium in the Netherlands. It offers room for 1100 cars and 240 bicycles, it is energy neutral, energy-supplying and green in the environment.


31 August 2018

ProRail & NS (public transport)

It was quite a challenge and we succeeded: within six months 44 bicycle parking facilities at stations were converted to the new self-service bicycle parking concept.


02 January 2018

Atlas Arena Amsterdam

Accessibility and parking are essential for making a multi-tenant building more attractive. Atlas ArenA understands this like no other!