A positive parking experience is a must to make your city center extra appealing for residents and visitors - so that they can not only park easily but also leave the city with a satisfied feeling. IP Parking will help you optimize that parking experience in various ways. Such as by making both on-street and off-street parking available to mobile phone parkers (IP Parking is currently the only market player that offers this solution). Or help your develop your own parking label and associate parking with loyalty, with customers being rewarded with discounts on their parking rates. If desired, we can provide you, the municipality, with insight into drivers' parking needs and movements so that you have an immediate and valuable marketing tool for center management at your disposal. We want to work together with you to come up with the best solutions, such as:


Do you prefer to leave your parking policy over to others? You can, because there are several parking providers active on the market today, such as Parkmobile, Parkline en Stadsparkeren. IP Parking handles the required connections with your parking management system. We are currently the only market player who can allow mobile phone parkers access to your garages. More than 160 municipalities are already using this "new" payment method. 


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Off-street parking

Are you responsible for managing and/or operating a parking lot or garage? If so, IP Parking can help you optimize your management and operations through intelligent use of the Internet. We offer you the option of managing everything online on one server. Your system is accessible at any time from any location. If you have a malfunction, we will check things out "live". What's more, we create a host of new options for participation of neighboring companies and we can establish connections with other systems, including with those of external parking providers.


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License plate recognition

The perfect parking solution for today and tomorrow? That's a web-based parking system by IP Parking in combination with excellent license plate recognition. This translates into parkers entering and exiting parking facilities without having to stop, fast traffic flows and high processing speeds. All this is possible with license plate recognition. And all that with a guarantee of the lowest error percentage in the parking sector. 


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