An intercom with lots of extras

We are all familiar with the intercom, which visitors with questions can use to call someone for assistance. But the almost limitlessly expandable IP intercom system Commend offers you a lot of extras, such as excellent audio quality and real-time communication over any distance. Drown out engine noise, play music, record a message, everything is possible. You can grant visitors access to the parking facility through an intercom post and/or (mobile) phone. Wiring from the facility to the building is not necessary because all communication goes through the public network. And the system can easily be maintained and configured remotely. IP Intercom is fully integrated into ControlBase, IP Parking's CCTV control room system. 


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Unannounced visitors can register at the entrance. Renters have contact with visitors through an intercom post and can grant them access to the parking facility. At the moment they grant the visitors access, the available parking spaces count is updated.


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Our web-based management system ParkBase allows you to establish connections in many ways. This has many benefits for your control room. For example, when a visitor presses the intercom, the system immediately displays the associated image.


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