Subscription management

Be in control of your subscriptions

Subscription-based parking has become the standard in many locations, offering a range of benefits. Subscription-based parking ensures a smoother and more efficient traffic flow, eliminates long queues, and enhances the overall convenience for parkers.


As a provider of parking facilities, effective subscription management is not a mere luxury but a necessity. IP Parking servers as your ideal partner in this realm. For instance, we can use license plates as a means of identifying and managing subscriptions, a method commonly employed for parking facilities at hospitals, colleges, and universities - the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond and the Technical University of Eindhoven being just two examples.


Furthermore, our sollutions offer you effortles onboarding of new subscribers, generating invoices for companies and manage both online and offline data with ease.


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Do companies, institutions, or other groups frequently use your parking facility for their staff and visitors? In that case, FirmBase is an ideal solution for simplifying subscription management and automating associated administrative tasks.


Through our FirmBase web application, tenants can manage their own section of your parking facility. For instance, they can create new subscribers, offer discounts, and pre-register visitors, making it easy for them to utilize your parking facility. Entry and exit are streamlined and quick through license plate recognition.


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Park-Spot Subscriptions

With this online subscription tool, users can directly subscribe to your facility(ies). This web-based sales platform allows you to maximize your occupancy, thereby increasing your revenue further. Thanks to the highly user-friendly self-service system, subscription management becomes simple and digital, adding an extra dimension to the service for both the subscriber and the operator


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Maximize handling speed

Whereas our competitors can process about 300 vehicles per hour, we can process 900!


Your users and administrators will experience more parking convenience as your traffic flow improves significantly.