New milestone: 2.500th project!

12 December 2022

New milestone: 2.500th project!

IP Parking's number of projects has grown to 2.500, which illustrates our strong growth in the parking industry and it is a significant milestone for our organization.

Our projects vary from installations at completely new parking facilities, implementing new innovative software concepts and state-of-the-art hardware, to customizing service and maintenance. We have implemented our parking solutions in more than 13 countries worldwide, with all projects driven by our will to stay at the forefront of new developments and solutions.


2.500th project

The 2.500th project of IP Parking is the parking garage Zuyderland, part of the Dutch Zuyderland hospital and property of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen. This is an open car park with 2 parking decks and about 1.050 parking spaces for employees and visitors of the hospital. IP Parking will replace the entire parking system at this location with new parking access and payment equipment powered by innovative software, and will also be responsible for service and maintenance over the next 10 years.


At this location 4 entrances and 5 exits will be equipped with LPR cameras's allowing visitors and employees to easily enter and exit using license plate recognition. This contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, automatically drive in and out with mobile parking apps and also makes the output capacity 3 times larger.


Of course everything is controlled and managed from Parkbase, the unique webbased IP Parking PMS software. In the PMS various connections to external software modules and databases are possible. For example, an API will connect the hospital's personnel database system to the PMS, giving employees access to the garage with their existing staff pass. The Parkbase's comprehensive GUI allows the operator to easily follow all processes and use the offered data to optimize processes. With the PARCS solutions of IP Parking, the parking garage Zuyderland will offer a pleasant parking experience for all users.


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