API, short for Application Programming Interface, is an interface between software applications or hardware and software that permits application development, for example, where both systems can be connected quickly and easily based on real-time data exchange.


Technological developments in the parking sector are very fast. We constantly see new applications, platforms and services with a variety of parking solutions. Connecting systems allows you to better serve your customers and optimize your operational activities. We understand this need and respond to it by providing a variety of interfaces via the Internet (also called a web service or API) for everyone who directly or indirectly develops parking software.


You too can become a partner of IP Parking if your solution can be used for multiple parking locations. 


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Configuration Services

Send commands such as "open gate" and receive real-time transaction data and system notifications. This service is often used for control room applications.

E-Personal Service

This service allows you to develop personal web pages for your regular users, including pre-paid parking balances. It is often used for employees of large organizations where employees already have a personal web page. Parking can be integrated into this using the E-Personal Service.

Booking Service

Reserve and pay for parking spots in advance. Use this service when you want to house a reservation system in your own website, for example.

Visitor Service

This service allows external systems to register visitors. It is often used in parking facilities that are used by multiple businesses.

Subscriber Management Service

Do you have an existing system in which your regular users have already been registered? With this service you can keep this system and add parking to it.


Payment Services

This service allows you to remit payment for a current parking session on a third-party system. This solution can be used for external pay systems or apps.

Reduction Services

This service allows you to give a discount for a parking session. This solution can be used for loyalty systems or apps.

License Plate Services

Obtain parking information based on the license plate. This service allows you to find out if someone has entered the parking facility by entering their license plate.