New IP Parking project: 6 parking facilities in the municipality of Haarlem (NL)

19 June 2023

The Municipality of Haarlem (NL) has selected IP Parking to replace the entire parking management system of the 6 municipal parking garages: Houtplein, Raaks, Kamp, Cronjé, Appelaar and Dreef. A great project where IP Parking will replace all obsolete equipment and software with the latest IP Parking parking solutions. This will offer the highest level of convenience to both parkers and operators at all important touch points of the parking experience.


In addition to the latest equipment such as the IP2 terminals with 15 "touchscreens, the entrances and exits will also be equipped with IP Barrier gates with built-in LPR cameras. This allows visitors and subscriber holders of the garages to enter and exit up to 3 times as fast on the basis of license plate recognition. This immediately contributes to an improved handling of parking movements and reduces CO2 emissions.


For the best parking experience and optimization of the occupation, IP Parking will also provide advice and support to the Municipality of Haarlem in regards to the further digitalisation of parking. Booking of reservations and subscriptions via a personalised webshop with Park-Spot, connecting facilities with mobile parking apps such as Stadsparkeren and Easypark and paying directly via a QR code with IPS are just some of the options that can contribute to this digitalisation journey.