An airport is a busy place filled with all types of travelers. Whether they are long-term or short-term parkers, their trip begins and ends with parking. It is necessary to have an easy, well-organized, and efficient parking system in place to ensure a positive Xperience. IP Parking offers fully cloud-based solutions, complete with state-of-the-art hardware and software, which you can provide to your customers as a value-added service and generate additional revenue. Some examples are:


The ability to reserve a parking space online alleviates the stress of searching for that elusive parking spot. Customers are always thrilled with this option because it assures them of a parking spot and the price. Reservation parking also improves the operator's experience by giving insight into the availability of the facility and the rate at which you charge. We offer the option to connect your system to a national reservation platform or have a personal web shop developed by IP Parking that integrates seamlessly with your corporate identity.


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Payment systems

There are so many payment options available nowadays that everyone has their personal preference. It is crucial as a parking facility to be versatile by accepting various payment methods to offer an ideal parking experience. At IP Parking, we use our innovative multi-tech readers to process QR codes, barcodes, proximity cards, Indala, MIFARE, Apple VAS, Google Smart Tap, NFC, Bluetooth credentials, cash, and bank cards. Our cloud-based payment systems require minimal hardware and create a positive experience for parking providers, external parties, and customers.


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IP Parking combines innovative web-based solutions with high-quality hardware. Being fully web-based enables us to eliminate excessive hardware installations, saving you both time and money. Our hardware design provides a sleek, modern, and minimalistic appeal that compliments every parking facility.


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Subscription-based parking is a popular solution among parking facilities because it ensures a faster traffic flow, prevents line formations at payment terminals, and provides convenience for parkers. At IP Parking, we utilize license plate recognition technology to identify and manage subscriptions, making us the ideal partner. We also make it easy to create and add new subscribers, accurately invoice each company, and edit online and offline data.


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IP Parking aims to establish long-term relationships and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. With service and support being our top priority, we provide professional 24/7 incident resolution services, including remote support.


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