Operating and managing a parking facility is a job that requires a large amount of responsibility, and one can certainly benefit from having an efficient facility design paired with the opportunity to increase revenue. Lucky for you, IP Parking is a pioneer in the daily remote management of parking facilities. Over the years, we have designed numerous control rooms where one can manage multiple parking facilities if needed. We establish connections with online services and integrate parking, intercom, and CCTV systems. At IP Parking, we optimize parking management, revenue, and operations. A few of our solutions include:

Off-Street Parking

IP Parking can help optimize the management and operations of your parking facility through our cloud-based solutions. We enable our customers to manage everything online from one server. Your system will be accessible at any time and from any location to ensure maximum efficiency and convenience. IP Parking can also offer live remote support if any complications occur. Another benefit of our solutions is the option to establish connections between neighboring companies' systems, including external parking providers.


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ControlBase is a 3-in-1 system fully integrated with IP cameras, an intercom, and a parking system. This state-of-the-art solution for your central control room allows you to manage your entire parking facility from a single touchscreen. With ControlBase, you can handle everything from intercom calls that depict relevant parking data to opening gates.


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We are all familiar with a classic intercom system that allows visitors with questions to call someone for assistance. However, IP Parking's intercom system, Commend, is distinctly different from these classic systems by offering a variety of unique features. Commend has excellent audio quality, offers real-time communication, reduces engine noise, plays music, records messages, and grants access to the parking facility through an intercom post or mobile phone.


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IP Parking combines innovative cloud-based solutions with high-quality hardware. Being fully cloud-based enables us to eliminate excessive hardware installations, saving you both time and money. Our hardware design provides a sleek, modern, and minimalistic appeal that compliments every parking facility.


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Service & Support

IP Parking aims to establish long-term relationships and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. With service and support being our top priority, we provide professional 24/7 incident resolution services, including remote support.


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