Bicycle parking

Intelligent solutions for bicycle parking

Many municipalities are working on improving accessibility. The bicycle plays an important role in this goal. It is thus the task of municipalities to organize and manage suitable bicycle parking spaces and ensure an optimal, user-friendly parking space system. IP Parking offers a practical solution for bicycle parking. We make parking spaces accessible with a public transportation chip card, city pass or bank card while cameras monitor everything. At the same time we offer municipalities more insight into the parking needs and movements of bicycle riders. By integrating mobile phone parking, bicycle parking can run parallel with car parking. Intelligent solutions - that's IP Parking!


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Nowadays, subscriptions-based parking is the norm at many locations. Subscription-based bicycle parking ensures faster, more efficient traffic flow, prevents formation of lines and offers bike riders more convenience. For you as a provider of bicycle parking, optimal management of your subscriptions is not an unnecessary luxury. IP Parking is also your ideal partner in this area. For example, we can use a city pass or public transportation card as ID for subscription management. 


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Payment systems

Payments are payments, regardless of the payment method. But the ways we pay nowadays - even for such simple things as bicycle parking - are almost endless. That's why our access terminals allow contactless payments, for example. And because our platform is web-based, numerous connections with external parties and services are possible, e.g. for mobile phone parkers and monthly subscriber invoicing for regular users.


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The Bike Rental Service offers the visitor the opportunity to rent a bike on presentation of the parking ticket. It is a sustainable way to discover the city by bike. Theft of the bicycle is impossible because it is only possible to drive out when the bicycle is taken in, so the vehicle serves as collateral.


We are all familiar with the intercom, which visitors with questions can use to call someone for assistance. But the almost limitlessly expandable IP intercom system Commend offers you a lot of extras, such as excellent audio quality and real-time communication over any distance. You can grant visitors access to bicycle parking through an intercom post and/or mobile phone. 


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Three systems in one: that's ControlBase. A complete and state-of-the-art solution for your (central) control room. This application offers full integration of IP cameras, intercom and (bicycle) parking system. So that you can manage your entire facility with one user-friendly touchscreen, from handling intercom calls with image to opening doors. 


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