It is vital to have a well-organized and easily accessible parking system at hospitals and other healthcare institutions to ensure a smooth experience for patients and employees. These institutions also deal with peak parking times, such as visiting hours or employee shift changes. At IP Parking, we specialize in providing solutions for high-volume parking facilities, ensuring a smooth traffic flow. Some of our solutions include:

Command Center

ControlBase is a 3-in-1 system fully integrated with IP cameras, an intercom, and a parking system. This state-of-the-art solution for your central control room allows you to manage your entire parking facility from a single touchscreen. With ControlBase, you can handle everything from intercom calls that depict relevant parking data to opening gates.


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Mobile parking providers

Optimize your occupancy and traffic flow by opening your parking facilities to mobile parking providers like EasyPark and Stadsparkeren. Hiring an external provider lowers financial administration, helps to save money on maintenance and material costs, and allows you to reach a larger amount of potential customers. The best part is your earnings are automatically deposited into your account each month. IP Parking can connect you with a parking management providers and enable your facility to allow garage access to mobile parkers helping to reduce equipment and cash payments which require more maintenance.


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License Plate Recognition

We combined our web-based parking solutions with license plate recognition technology. That means driving in and out without having to stop and pull up to a terminal, resulting in a faster traffic flow and lower error rate.


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Subscription-based parking is a popular solution among parking facilities because it ensures a faster traffic flow, prevents line formations at payment terminals, and provides convenience for parkers. At IP Parking, we utilize license plate recognition technology to identify and manage subscriptions, making us the ideal partner. We also make it easy to create and add new subscribers, accurately invoice each company, and edit online and offline data.


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Payment Systems

There are so many payment options available nowadays that everyone has their personal preference. It is crucial as a parking facility to be versatile by accepting various payment methods to offer an ideal parking experience. At IP Parking, we use our innovative multi-tech readers to process QR codes, barcodes, proximity cards, Indala, MIFARE, Apple VAS, Google Smart Tap, NFC, Bluetooth credentials, cash, and bank cards. Our cloud-based payment systems require minimal hardware and create a positive experience for parking providers, external parties, and customers.


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